The Memphis Belle

Today started with Jack's Pyjama day at school. He was so excited about it that I went out last night and bought him new PJs. This morning I walked him to school and two boys manning the crossing (America does not have lollipop ladies unfortunately) didn't have PJs on and Jack looked crestfallen but came home happy - most kids did wear them and he had a good day. He also got an award for bringing his reading level up. I'm so proud of him.

Today Craig and I went to The Museum of the American Air Force in Dayton. I had booked us on a tour to see The Memphis Belle!

We went to take a quick look at Kittingers craft first. Look how rudimentary is it compared to Felix Baumgartner's attempt! What brave souls they were, those space explorers.

The Memphis Belle. Our tour guide was asked if it was the one from the film. He said no, this is the one from the WAR. Ahh, point well taken! It is being restored to how it was in 1942 so will not be air worthy but will be just as it was. Will take at least another two years before it is in the museum.

Craig with the ball turret. I stuck my head in and you can see the old straps and wooden pulley and handles for the gunner to operate the guns, and there's a smell of war. Hard to describe but it made me a bit emotional. It might have brought back old memories of me playing with gas masks as a kid perhaps!

The rear gunner had to sit on an old bicycle seat!

Chuck Yaeger's office door. Another hero of mine.

I could write a book about our visit but won't bore you. Craig had a fantastic time too. What a great day.


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