Craig's Birthday

Craig's birthday was a nice, low-key day. The kids helped him unwrap presents and put together his new toys. I bought him a nice big workbench & swivel stool for his tinkering area in the basement. Also got him some chocolate covered marzipan and ginger beer. The kids got him a pen holder for his desk with their pictures in it and also some drawings they made. It was very sweet. He also got money and a bathrobe and a handy tool set and lots of lovely cards from England.

The boys loved putting the stool together with him. It rained for most of the day so we spent the day being couch potatoes, playing with Nerf guns and watching "Home Alone" for the third time this weekend (Jack loves it). It was actually really nice to not do much - we never have days like that!

Craig wanted cupcakes instead of a big cake but the boys devoured 2/3 of them!   This week we are going to watch a singer that we love and then to see the Memphis Belle. Should be a great week.


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