Car Dealership Palava

Yep, that's flat
I went to a car dealer tonight with Daniel but on the way I banged into a curb & wrecked my tyre. By the time I got to the dealership it was flat as a pancake. The guys in the dealership were no help at all and their mechanic huffed and said it was too damaged to put air in.

I then test drove the car I was going to see - a 2008 VW Passat Wagon, and OMG! It smelled of dead dogs, had no breaks, then overheated on the test drive! The overheating thing was funny because when I told the guy that the warning light was on for the coolant he said "that's perfectly okay - it just needs topped-up, nothing to worry about!". Half-way around the test drive when I told him the temperature gauge said 200 degrees and the light was blinking he told me hurriedly to get back to the dealership. What a muppet.

Back at the dealership the salesman completely ditched me and stood inside the warm office while I waited in the freezing cold outside for the AAA to come and change my tyre. Daniel then said he really needed to pee but I refused to go back in the office so made him pee in a sippy cup! The AAA man said spare tire was too crappy to put on, so he then called a tow truck. The a'hole in the office still didn't venture out to be helpful but he and his buddies stood in the warm behind the glass and watched. Yes, I saw them.

Thankfully, Craig came to my rescue after he and Jack got out of tang soo do and he waited for the two truck while I brought the kids home in his big F150 (first time I drove it!). As we were leaving I warned Craig not to drink from the red sippy cup and Daniel said "yes, because I peed in it" - right in front of the AAA man!

Ohhhh I'm so glad to be home. What a palava! Thank goodness for Craig. And red sippy cups.


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