Mother's Day, Bouncing & Brynner

First of all: Happy English Mothers Day to my mum, step-mum and mum-in-law! I wish I could have been in England to go over and see my mum and give her a big hug but I'll be seeing her in June for the first time since 2008 so I'm sure there will be lot of hugging going on.

Today I went walking again with my friend Becca and we did 4 miles. There's 4 of us now and it's so nice to have girly chats on the way round.

Also today I found an amazing deal on a trampoline on Craigslist, so we drove an hour north of town and went to get it. I felt bad for the woman selling it as it turned out her kids (two young girls) didn't know and would be very upset with her. But she said she was moving and had no space for it at the new place so I bought it and am trying not to feel guilty about it. There's never a clean transaction with Craigslist is there. Always some baggage.  But anyway, as soon as the people buying our play set come and get it this weekend we can set up the trampoline and just let the boys bounce and bounce. Danny loves them and will bounce for hours, bless him.

After doing some housework and getting the boys to bed tonight I am absolutely tired out! This week we've laid off the alcohol so I think my body is catching up on sleep.  That's right - not one sip of wine has passed my lips all week! I'm trying to give it a break for a while, just in time for my birthday celebration at the end of the month!  

Lastly - I did something extremely naff last night. I bought myself a birthday present. I order the 50th anniversary DVD of The King & I off Amazon and when it comes I am jolly well going to sit and watch it in the living room during the kid's waking hours! And if they complain once about watching it they can bugger off to their room. I need me some Yul Brynner.


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