I'll be Suffering the Morra

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get up at 7am and walk the dogs for a couple of miles. I was feeling rather smug when I got home, acting all healthy and energetic and trouncing around like Jane Fonda.

Then we went to a friend's belt test. He got his green belt so we celebrated by having lunch with him and his family.

Emery & Jack: friends for 4 years already!
The weather was great (50 degrees F) so the boys got outside and did some digging this afternoon while I cleaned up dog poo. The most hateful job on this earth.

Future Horticulturalists
Then we went and dug these up and brought them back to our house - hundreds of free bricks from Craigslist! It was back-breaking work but we are looking forward to getting started on our courtyard garden soon.

Tonight we went for dinner with friends that we havn't seen in ages so that was great. Now we are home and I'm shattered. Between the walk and the bricks I'm going to be suffering tomorrow.  But I have a weekly date with a friend to go walking every Sunday at 9am and we walk 4-6 miles usually.  I'll be walking like an old gimmer! It's all good though isn't it and can't do anything but help my quest to be a lot lighter by the time swimming season gets here.


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