Today in Pictures

There is a sponsored walk at Jack's school on Friday. Anyway, they had a competition to design this year's t-shirt and Jack won! He is so chuffed about it bless him. His teacher was giving the shirts out and when he went up to get his he said "I looked down and it was my drawing! and my name!" I wish I could have seen his face when he realised.

Jack's t-shirt design
Tonight Danny and I made Playdoh for his pre-school. It was actually a fun and non-traumatic event. I didn't end up in green dye and he didn't end up with 3rd degree burns, so that's a bonus. We did a pretty good job actually. Teamwork he said.  He picked the color for me, as it's my favourite.

My Playdoh helper
Look what Craig found at the supermarket! I can hardly wait until morning to have some on toast....

Goosegog Jam


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