Jack's Sponsored Walk

Today was Jack's sponsored walk at his school. They did laps around the school and then around the gym where we cheered them on and gave them coloured bracelets for each lap. He had such a good time. I don't know how much money they raised yet but 72 kids took part.

Laps in the gym

Jack and a classmate
This afternoon I took both boys for a haircut and then took Jack to tang soo do and then we went looking at cars. And we got a flat tyre on Craig's truck! I'm not kidding! How much of a coincidence is that. A good Samaritan pulled over & came over with a hydraulic jack to help switch the tyres out, bless him. Craig offered him some cash afterwards but he said no. What a great human being.
So we are now home and I am worn out tired. What a great day though. And what a nice man. That makes me feel so much better about people after the fiasco yesterday.


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