Car Shopping & Arranging Shoes

I took the day off today to catch up on housework and get my car seen to. Turns out the minivan might have a mechanical problem so I can either cut my losses and trade it in, or drive it till it dies. Which might be next month or in five years. I hate vague stuff like that.

So I've been car shopping which is always great (what's not to love about shopping) but can also be stressful (car salesmen). I am quintessentially English when it comes to dealing with car salesmen - I agree with everything they say for fear of being rude, and then run out of there as fast as I can. Tonight I even made the excuse that I had to get the boys to bed.

My mechanic is telling me to buy a car in my price range with the lowest mileage, which sounds like common sense. But that means I have to buy a car I don't like. And where's the fun in that? So far, I like VW (Jetta, Passat and even a Bug that I drove tonight), Subaru, and a Toyota Highlander that was just lovely - 3 rows of seats, leather, sunroof, dvd, 4WD, sunroof, luxury inside and only 73 k miles. It wasn't great on mpg though. I guess I'll keep looking.

I did get quite a bit of housework done today too, thankfully. As I was cleaning the boys room today I  noticed again that Daniel had taken all of the shoes and rearranged them how he wants them. So I set about arranging them how I want them and was thinking to myself "why does he keep rearranging these shoes?" then I burst out laughing because he probably says the same about me -"why does mummy keep rearranging my shoes?" I guess we both have OCD.


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