Yellow Belt

After a month of training, Jack got his yellow belt tonight in tang soo do. He was so nervous that he went deathly white and his hands were shaking. It's a big deal to do all those moves in front of a room full of instructors and black belts I can tell you.

Jack and his friend (L) 
He had to do certain moves and spar and also learn rules about obedience and respect and recite the names of his instructors and the martial art. It was quite intense for a 6-year old.

When he went up to get his belt my heart just about burst with pride for him. To see him so nervous and yet make himself do it makes me very proud of him. Here's a little video...

Put em up

On a separate note. I took this picture of Danny today and I love it. I had bought him a dinosaur toy that I knew he'd love and I told him I had a surprise for him. I've been trying to lavish him with love and attention as much as I can since I knew tonight was going to be all about his big brother.


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