Winter's End?

It snowed today and it was gorgeous. Still. I want winter to go away now. I'm fed up with it.

Gorgeous Snow

I want to walk more and ride my bike and put the boy's trampoline up and join the local pool and start gardening. Unfortunately I can't walk right now though as I think I have a pressure fracture in my foot. It's very painful and I'm under the guidance of docs right now figuring it out. I can put the trampoline up though because I called my house insurance company today and they upped my liability to a cool million $. Yes that's right. If a neighbour's kid comes over I should probably have a million just in case he falls out or bounces wrong. I have a feeling I'll be very selective about who can come and I'll be setting up some pretty rigid ground rules like 1 kid at a time and no crawling underneath. Did parents think about these things when we were little? Did they seek out liability insurance? I don't think so.  It reminds me of a cartoon that's been going around Facebook this week:


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