New Breakfast Bar

New Breakfast bar
We went to Ikea yesterday to get some stuff. Lots of stuff actually, including a new breakfast bar for the kitchen. I hated our old table and chairs and love the new set-up.

Our only concern now is that we don't have a place for all four of us to sit and eat. We rarely do that anyway as we eat on our laps but I do like to sit together on occasion. Maybe when we get a new sofa we can make a small dining area in the living room. For now, I'm just happy with the kitchen. So happy that I gave it a damn good clean today.

I have to oil the top of the bar every other day for a month and I did so carefully today, only to see Daniel on there and hour later getting ready to do some vroom vroom scratchy-thing on there with all his matchbox cars. Nooooooo!!!!


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