The Used Car Sales Lady

Wide boy
I might be getting a new car tomorrow. Well not new, used obviously, but new for me. An Acura MDX with 3 rows of leather heated seats (ahhhhh), sunroof, sat nav, rear camera, "Luxury" package, tow bar, and 4-wheel drive!   I cannot wait.

As if in defiance of my decision, the minivan decided that as well as giving me transmission, traction control and ABS issues, that the front headlamp would blow on the way back from the dealer. It was like a scene from "Christine".  I'm glad it happened because now there will be no tears shed when I hand the old lady over.

So I really like the Acura but I have to play it cool. Been around enough salesmen recently to know that they have become even more aggressive and shark-like than they were 5 years ago. Some of them are downright scary and vomit-inducing. One young man was such a wideboy that he put me off the whole dealership and I'll never go there again.

Tonight my "salesman" was actually a woman. She looked Indian or Pakistani and she was a bit nervous but she was so down to earth and friendly.  I got a bit lost and went to the "new" car dealer at first and the guy there was friendly but very false and when he realised I wanted to see the used cars he directed me then gave Danny a chocolate bar and smiled a cool smile and called him buddy, like they do. But as I was leaving the used car place tonight my sales lady was stood in the window, crouched over at child-height grinning and waving at Danny, and he was waving back.

Now I am no fool. I know she's being nice to get a sale. I just really like the fact that she's using her personality to make the sale, and not relying on a load of sales patter and arm-twisting. I wish all dealerships had a woman on hand.

This time tomorrow I might have new wheels! Very excited!


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