Back home, on my chin strap

I flew out to Florida last week on Southwest Airlines and the stewardess was a real character, singing (rapping) all of the safety instructions and making us all cheer for the armed services and for the weather in Orlando. On the return flight there was some banter over the intercom between the pilot and one of the stewardesses, which I think was his fiancee, and when we had to sit on the runway for a while before pulling up to the gate, he told us a couple of funny stories. As we took off from Florida, a seagull flew next to us with a big fish in his mouth, then he dropped it, flew down and got it again and flew off towards the terminal. The pilot told us that several years earlier two pilots had been merrily flying along when a big salmon hit the windshield. Probably dropped by an eagle. I bet they crapped themselves and then burst out laughing. It's not something you expect to see at 30,000 ft is it.

Anyway, now I'm home & knackered but it is so good to see my family and I've been kissing the boys constantly. They have changed I swear it, just in 4 days.  Today I took Jack swimming and on the way into the pool building, he got hold of my hand and said "thanks for taking me swimming mummy, I love you" and my heart ached with love for him. Age 3 and a half is just wonderful. 

And lastly, hurrah!  - tomorrow we are off work to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. I should probably go to a parade and do something slightly relating to MLK but I'm going to test drive a few minivans and have a big English breakfast! Monday holidays are just the best aren't they.


Loved this post Pam - have a great holiday Monday. Ax
Clippy Mat said…
Hey, happy Monday.
I want to fly on THAT airline. They should make a promo with that crew and tell other airlines to watch. I've met some dour faced characters up in the skies.
Welcome home.
Kelsey said…
I hope Monday was happy.

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