Danny's Week

This is Danny's Birthday week! On Thursday my gorgeous boy will turn 1 and and a couple of milestones will take place - we can start giving him cow's milk and we can turn his car seat around to face the front. I'm quite glad about both because formula costs a small fortune and poor Danny's legs are so long he has to sit like John Cleese in a Mini Cooper, with his knees up to his chin.

I was looking right into his eyes this morning, wishing him a happy birthday, and he said "Mama" and smiled the best smile in the world. He took two steps yesterday and he's started holding his own bottle, so independence is just around the corner.

It all goes so quick doesn't it. I wish I could bottle some of it up - like the moment I had with him this morning. That's the great thing about this blog though. I can record it all and look back. I have a feeling that'll come in handy as I get more forgetful and demented.


Wonderful moments should be bottled, shouldn't they. Time goes so quickly. Happy birthday week Danny. A x
Clippy Mat said…
This will be a lovely memory keeper for you to look back on when the boys are older. My kids' lives went buy in a whoosh, before videos and digital cameras sadly. Today's technology is great isn't it?

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