Five From the Family

Here's five pictures taken this week that I particularly like. I'll post some snowy ones later this afternoon, when we've got our next storm through!

Our neighbour brought this over for Cody last night. His face says it all. "For me, really?"

An Amaryllis bulb that we grew, from our friends Debbie & Lynn. Just lovely.

Who'd have thought my hubby and I would spent Sundays chasing toddlers through tubes and slides. Sometimes being a 40-year old parent is exhausting. Give me the Sunday paper and a comfy chair any day.

Danny at 11 months: cute, tall, bitey, into everything, picky eater, demanding, sweet, laughs like a champion. Loves the bath and kitty-cats. Hates nappy/diaper changes and going to bed.

At least once a month it hits me that we live in America, usually when I see pictures like this one. We've been here 10 years so it might be something I never get used to. It you'd have told me twenty years ago that I'd be living in the States with two kids I'd have looked at you like you were demented. I wonder if other expats still feel like that?


A great set of photos Pam. Your boys look wonderful but the one of Cody with his present is priceless! Ax

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