A Day of Illness

What a horrible day it's been!  Jack is really sick with an ear and sinus infection that would floor most grown men. It's horrible to see him like this and I'm hoping Danny doesn't get it. I've been up since about 1 am this morning and spent the day at the doctors and pharmacist and fussing over him.   I have to give him 6 mls of antibiotic twice a day, but the syringe that came with it is only big enough for 5  mls, so that's handy.  
Throughout it all he's fought it like only a toddler can and was dressed up as Bob the Builder all day to boot! Here's hoping he's a bit better tomorrow.

Danny had his second H1N1 vaccine today too and didn't even flinch when he got it. That boy has nerves of steel I tell you. 


Poor Jack I hope he soon gets well Pam. My son used to suffer with ear infections, usually beginning at bedtime! A x
mountainear said…
Poor boy - and how resiliant. Hope he's better soon.

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