Thursday's Broken Biscuits

Many years ago we lived next door to a lady that had a bumper sticker on her car that read "Fat people are harder to kidnap", which went down as my all-time favourite sticker. On the way home tonight though I was behind another lady in a big red pick-up truck with a sticker that said "Warning! Driving under the influence of Dolly Parton". 

Danny's most endearing attribute is his desire to share his food and his toys. This morning after he finished drinking his milk he held the bottle up to my lips for me to share. Bless. Our dog Cody takes full advantage and sits next to Danny's highchair as Danny eats one for him, one for Cody, one for him, one for Cody. It's lovely to watch.

One week from today our Danny will be 1 year old! I remember every single detail of the day, including the ice storm. We're going to have a small party for him and get him an ice cream cake in the shape of a kitty-cat (his first words).

Jack has spent the last two days being a dog. Woofing, playing catch, fetching, and refusing to answer me unless I call him doggy-Jack and scratch him behind the ears. 

Is January over yet? Now? .... Now? ...  UGH.  Not only is it the most lean month financially but the weather is pants. Roll on February! (Now, if you're birthday is in January (i.e. mum, Eric, & Danny) then what I meant to say was, it's the most important and marvelous month of the year of course)

Isn't it amazing that several days after you walk out of a car showroom, the salesman calls you at home and offers the car to you again for a few grand less. I do hate the whole haggling process!  Last weekend as we left an auto place Craig told me to stop sounding like I'm desperate, so I'm trying to be a cool cucumber but it's hard for me, being naturally eager to please. 

I am still amazed at how easy it was to give money to Haiti by texting "Haiti" to 90999 last week. What a great and easy way for us to give. Like a lot of people though I'm still heartbroken by the whole thing and feeling guilty and useless. 

 I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow!  Having Monday off work threw me completely and left me dizzy and unorganized all week. Of course some might say that describes my work ethic  every week. 
Happy Weekend everyone. X


Emily said…
Back when we were shopping for a mini van, we found one at a dealership and offered him a price that we thought was fair, but significantly lower than he was asking. He turned it down (I was a bit shocked) and we walked away. A few days later he called back and said we could have it for that price, but by then we had done more research and decided we didn't want that model. Should've agreed the first time, tsk tsk...
Sounds as though your boys are lots of fun Pam, never a dull moment! Is Danny a year already (well next week). How time flies.

I feel as you do about Haiti - my heart goes out to them. I cannot imagine how awful it must be and it should make us all count our blessings A x
mountainear said…
Happy weekend Pam - and I hope it is.

Quite agree January is pants. February is only allowed to exist because it's my birthday month - though we're getting to the stage where one birthday every 5 years would be more appreciated. Spring is just around the corner. Maybe.

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