Birthday Party Success

I am sat here exhausted after Danny's birthday party today. Craig had to work this morning so it was down to me to get ready for it (although Craig did help last night by making a gazillion egg butties).   As I'm typing this, Danny is bathed and in his PJs, chewing on Jack's shoulder and hitting him on the head at the same time. Brotherly love huh.

The party games went down a treat, especially pass the parcel and musical bumps which aren't really played over here. After 5 games I ran out of ideas though so we had cake. 

We had ice cream cake as it's Danny's favourite. He really enjoyed himself, especially playing with the balloons. Currently he's lying on one, trying to bite it, so I better hold my ears

Happy birthday sweetheart!  And well done me. I entertained the kids and fed everyone, which is a major accomplishment for someone as domestically challenged as me.

I need to do two posts tomorrow - one showing Danny's walking skills and one showing our lovely new minivan. But right now I'm going to play with my lads one last time before they go to  bed. Then me & Craig are going to watch District 9 and have a drinkie to celebrate a successful first birthday party!


mountainear said…
Who needs ideas when you've got cake?
Clippy Mat said…
well done!
he couldn't wait to get his hands on that cake could he?
so cute.
Pam said…
Hello Mountainear: yes, cake rules. End of story. X
Hey Clippy: I know! Little bugger. I tell you - he's going to be a handful - definitely more than Jack.

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