Entertaining Little Poeple

I took Danny for his 1-year check up today. What a horrid mummy I am scheduling injections on his birthday (sorry about that Danny boy) but they didn't have openings tomorrow. Anyway, here are his stats:

Weight = 26 lbs (95th %'ile)
Height = 32" (97th)

No surprises here then - he'll be big and tall. He's actually taller than Jack was at one (Jack weighed 23 lbs and was 31" tall). Talking of Jack, I got him a Buzz Lightyear toy because he watched Toy Story last week and loved it, so for the past 24 hours he's been running around the house yelling "to imbinity and beyond!" Bless.

Danny's conked out in bed now and I've just been out buying toys for the party games we'll play at his birthday party this weekend. I'm also trying to remember all the fun games - musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical bumps, the guessing game etc. I hope I can entertain 10 kids and not end up locked in the bathroom with a glass of Chianti, crying. Oh, the stress! I feel like I totally know what to do with kids 3 years old and younger but give me a 5 year old and I'm stuck. I even bought whoopie cushions in the hope that toilet humour will save me! 


Good luck with the party then Pam. I expect it seemed like a good idea at the time of planning! It will all be fine and then you can sink into a chair with a well earned glass or 3.

Looks as though Danny is doing well. Love the story of Jack with Buzz Lightyear. I'm a fan of Toy Story as well (and my grandchildren of course).
Clippy Mat said…
Happy Birthday Danny Boy.
good luck with the party.
We just watched Toy Story last night with 3 and 5 yr old grandsons. Loved it.
Kelsey said…
Hope it went well - it IS hard to go wrong w/ potty humor...
Pam said…
Hi Anne, I got through okay, thanks. I have tried countless times to get Toy Story on DVD but Disney vaults them & they won't release it till July this year. It all adds to the suspension for Jack I suppose . X
Hey Clippy: Thanks for the good wishes. X
Pam said…
Hi Kelsey: They were a BIG hit! I will carry memories always of Jack and Katy and Frankie plonking down on a fully inflated whoopie and screaming with delight when it went "Prfrmmpfr!"

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