The First Drive of Winter

It was the first drive home from work tonight in terrible winter weather. It's been freezing cold and icy and then we got about 2 inches of snow.  The first drive is always the worst for me and I spend it hunched over like Quasimodo with the grip of death on the steering wheel and talking to myself "just take it slow, Pamela, it's not a race". It's funny how I use my long and formal name when I talk to myself and sometimes I mutter under my breath about other drivers that are out to kill me. 
As I was approaching a traffic light doing about 30 it went red and I knew I couldn't make it so braked and the back end of the Jeep did a little scary number on me and I could feel that feeling when you know you have no control on what's going to happen next. Thankfully, it was just a little skid but my heart was pumping in my chest when I got home. I know it'll get better and I'll get more confident by about, oh April but I do hate the long Ohio winter.  One of my friends that's in Arizona right now said on Facebook today that she was driving with the window down, her arm slung casually out as she cruised past the palm trees. Ahhh, wouldn't that be nice right now.


Fredsueand me said…
for the first time i years we can sympathize with you though i iam sure it wont last 4 months we have just had 2 inches this morning second bout. it gets old very quick doesn't it. this country is so ill equipped to deal with it. Noah's school is closed today! closed. and its all we will hear about now til it melts again. apparently southport sold its gritter to st. helens and now they have to borrow one when they have finished with it! dur! and you know all those railway bridges in southport that you must go up and over to get anywhere. guess what no one can drive up or down them. what joy. anyway stay safe. take care, love to everyone. x x x
mountainear said…
Plenty of those scary moments to look forward to over the next few days - the roads are like ice and there is no way Powys will be sending the gritter anywhere as minor as here. Grrr. And brrr.
Pam said…
Hiya Lee, I'm watching in amazement at the cold and snow you are getting - I can't remember the last time I saw England like that! Makes for lovely pictures though.
Mountainear - your road is closed - yikes! I hope you have lots of good books and fresh milk :-)

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