Salt of the Earth (plus a few nutters)

While we were out and about today in the car it became very obvious that Danny needed changing so we swung into the WalMart carpark and Craig dropped us at the front door, pulling over to the side and flicking his hazards on.   I grabbed Mr smelly-bum and ran to the restrooms and immediately groaned inside because the restroom was packed and I knew I would have to do the dirty deed with several women watching and trying not to retch.  OHHH, it was bad. Messy beyond belief, right up to the back of his neck. So bad I threw his onesie away and went through a full small pack of wipes because I had to strip him completely naked and give him a full body wipe-down.  All the time I was doing this I was trying to avoid eye contact with people, sweating profusely with shame, and trying to calmly tell Danny to stop crocodile rolling. 

Here's the wonderful thing about WalMart - the women in the restroom were lovely and gracious! They ignored the mess and the terrible pong, made chirpy encouraging comments "I remember those days!", and they made Danny laugh "I bet you're proud of that one you little tyke!"  I wonder if they'd have been as friendly in Abercrombie & Fitch? 

When I got back in the car I looked at Craig and said you owe me at least 5 diaper changes for that one,  and he said guess what happened to me? Several people tried to get in the car, including an old couple that were pulling on the door handle, banging on the roof and yelling "open the damn door Jesse!"    I love WalMart people. They are mostly friendly but with some absolute nutters thrown in. 


mountainear said…
I am so glad those days are over! Can hardly believe Danny is 11 months old.
Sarah*G* said…
I remember those days well. :) Although with my trips to Wal-Mart with my daughter who is 4 years old, she always says "walmart....where's the wall?" Everytime!
Mommy Daisy said…
Too funny! About Walmart customers that is. Not so funny about the dirty dirty diaper. My son was always a little (sometimes a lot) on the constipated side, so we didn't get those messy diapers. Only once do I remember that happening, and I was going out to lunch with my dad. He got Z out of the car, so it was on his shirt (we didn't realize he'd done anything) and all over Z. I ended up giving him a bath in the restroom sink. Whatever works.
Jen said…
The Wal-mart crowd sure is unique! I love the comment from the older couple and probably would have said the same thing if it is as cold in Columbus as it has been here in Dayton!
Can just imagine it all Pam. I'm sure all those women were very sympathetic. At least you left Craig to the nutters.
Pam said…
Mountainear: Yes I know, the year has flown by - better start planning the first birthday party!
Sarah: Odd name. Much prefer Asda!
MD: It makes for interesting tales at parties!
Jen: Yes cold here but hoping for the big warm up (40?) by weekend ..
Anne: My husband is a magnet for them. Well he married me didn't he?
Clippy Mat said…
Great story. In spite of my recent Wal-Mart bashing post I don't have any problems with the people who shop there.... just sometimes the store itself.
but I could just picture you dying with embarrasment in the loo.
Happened to me once when I took oldest grandson to the bathroom after our dinner date. He was 3. Let's just say it involved a pull-up, as he was toilet training and Nanny didn't have a spare.

I'll leave it there.

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