Twiddling my Thumbs at the Airport

I am sat at the airport waiting for a flight in 2 hours. I got here super early because I'm a worry-monger. 

This airport will get two of those full body scanners soon but thankfully today my bare bum didn't get looked at. Maybe I can lose a few pounds before my next flight then it won't be as embarrassing. I have no problem with the scanners and can't fathom why the news anchor last night was talking about the loss of human rights and people's dignity. If the alternative is that you have to sit next to a loon that tries to blow his underpants up then I'm all for it. 

I do wish I didn't get so nervous going through the check-point though. I get that feeling that I get when there's a police car driving behind me - that I've done something wrong and will be imprisoned. The security man asked for my driving license and I gulped and tried not to look like I was up to no good. I actually thought "I hope he doesn't ask me something because I have an English accent and maybe the underpants bomber did too".  This unfounded guilt is ridiculous! I am an upstanding member of the community I'll have you know!

Right then, where's the Starbucks ..


Clippy Mat said…
do not want to sit next to anyone who blows up his underpants. LOL
just came by to say hi and sorry i haven't been around to comment in a while. lots of reading to catch up on.
did I wish you Happy New Year?
if not,
i do now.
Pat :-)
Fredsueand me said…
As long as you haven't had one of Craig's curries las night, i wouldn't worry about exploding underpants.
Expat mum said…
I think it's our English upbringing. Those policemen and women could be downright mean. When I was back home last summer, I was driving around Newcstle and ended up going the wrong way down a one-way street, - in the bus lane. I saw a police car just in time, pulled over, got out and asked them to help me get to where I needed to be. I explained that although I knew my way round the city, I hadn't driven in it for decades etc. etc. They were really nice, didn't mention that my car was facing the wrong way, and even let me drive up onto a bit of pavement so I could turn round. I was wetting myself the whole time though! Pathetic!
I'm always glad to get through the security checks too Pam. I don't care how long it takes and what I have to go through to have a safe flight.

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