Up Great, Car Gone

We watched 'Up" last night with the little fella and then again tonight - you know how that goes with kids, they want to watch it again and again until you want to throw the bloody thing under the next passing car. However, "Up" was wonderful - the best Disney film I think I've seen in years. I'm not a cartoon/animation fan really, but this film was just lovely. There's a TRAILER on You Tube but it won't let me embed it here. 

Big news of the weekend is that I did sell my car so I am now officially car-less and I feel a bit lost. My little diesel Golf only cost me $45/month for fuel and it was such a cool car. Small but sounded like a semi-truck and made me smile when I drove it or saw it.

My next one will be a minivan - the official car of mums that take their kids to soccer practice and don't care that their car is like a big blunderbus. There are some cool minivans of course, like the Ford Flex, but I don't have 30 grand spare right now so I'm looking for a used Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. A Dodge Caravan at a push.   And I'm going to have some non-negotiable demands seeing as I'm sacrificing my mojo . I want leather interior, a DVD player and a nice exterior color. If I'm going to drive a cheap blunderbus I want the sexiest one I can find.


Jen said…
My husband said we would never have a mini-van, but bought one shortly before #2 was born (over 5 years ago). Ours is 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette (which they don't make anymore), but it has been a nice vehicle. It has a tan exterior which is great for hiding dirt! The matching leather seats are a must with kids and ours came with a VCR! Happy shopping!

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