Monday, March 12, 2012

Danny's sick & torturing me with Barney

As Jack was sat eating his breakfast this morning and I'm trying to get the dogs outside, Danny stood in the middle of the kitchen and threw up. Several times. Thankfully I didn't have my contact lenses in so it didn't look too bad to me, but Jack put on his best theatrical performance and yelled "arghh! I'm going to throw up, get away!" and I had to help him flee the room with his eyes closed while his brother continued to decorate the floor. It did occur to me that thankfully Ben the batty dog was outside or he'd have tried to eat it and that would have completely destroyed Jack.

So I am now at home with a poorly child who has thrown up three times, destroying two sets of bedding and a pair of shoes so far. As I type he is keeping down some watered-down orange juice and a fruit popsicle so fingers crossed it stays in his stomach.

I spoke to a nurse at the pediatricians who scoffed at me when I mentioned that people have been talking about a "norovirus". She asked me if I had heard that term on the TV, before telling me it was a posh word for a tummy bug and not to worry. Just keep him hydrated. So norovirus is joining "stomach flu" and every other stupid term out there for what is in fact a tummy bug.

Right then. I'm going to try and make him have a nap and I will tell him to cooperate because he owes me big time. Not because I'm having to take time off work, but because he made me watch Barney and I detest that purple weirdo with a vengeance.

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