I'm Reading, Watching & Doing

I just read a great book called Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness by Alexandra Fuller. It's a non-fiction book about a young woman who was brought up in Africa by her eccentric and fascinating (and sometimes downright cruel) British parents. It was also a wonderful insight into Africa and especially Kenya. Great read. Next on my list is more Roald Dahl. Since I loved Boy and Going solo so much I've got More about the boy and Roald Dahl Treasures coming. At some point I should probably read the boys one of his many children's stories too huh.

At the same time I was reading the Africa book, Craig and I watched the series "A Long Way Down" on Netflix and we absolutely loved it. We watched it out of order since "A Long Way Round" was first but I don't think it matters. That's next on our list. Anyway, A Long Way down was also about Africa so I got into a little Africa mood and started to think that maybe I'd like to do a trip to Kenya sometime. Then I went on the BBC news website and there was two stories about abducted & killed British people in Kenya and I though ahhhh, maybe not. I'm as brave as a field mouse these days.

I have started teaching again and we've ramped up the kids activities to include swimming and soccer and t-ball. And Cub Scouts, which I am very excited about. The kids are also very busy with school stuff this last 10 weeks of school and I'm on the PTA so I'll be spending many an evening making crafts and helping to set things up at the school for their events. But no more. I am maxed-out with stuff till at least June. When Danny's pre-school teacher started asking about a volunteer to do something fairly major today, I squeezed my lips together so tight I looked like the rear-end of a red bummed monkey.


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