Our Boy Cody

I took Cody to the vet last night, expecting him to tell me that the time had come to have Cody's teeth cleaned and instead he found a lump on Cody's tongue. So Cody has mouth cancer and it reaches through his tongue down into his neck and tonsils and it cannot be removed. Needless to say, the vet visit was somewhat of a blur and I cried the whole time and all the way home. Craig was at the park with the kids but came home. He is just devastated too, it's awful. Watching my husband cry is about the worst thing I've ever seen.

We've both been looking at options but there aren't any really. He has about two months to live, maybe longer if we can keep him comfortable and eating. Sometimes he looks lethargic and I worry and then tonight we took him to the park and he was his usual self, wagging his tail and looking happy.

He's having a bit of trouble eating so we've switched him to wet food and when I double-checked with the vet today that that was okay he said "feed that boy burgers if he wants them", which made me cry again. So tonight he's had quite a few treats, including his favourite ice cream cone and cheese.

We've got him on antibiotics and steroids and tonight Craig is going out to get him a chest harness because we don't want any more pressure on his neck from his lead. There's not much else we can do really except make every day a good one for him.

I have stopped crying tonight at least but I can't talk about it with people yet. Maybe in a few days time I'll find that easier. This is really really shit. It really is.


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