Monday, March 05, 2012

Things to Get Excited About

I do like to have things to look forward to and plan for. The trip home to England isn't booked so I'm not too excited about that quite yet but I have sent away for my passport ($244, robbing bar stewards!) and I'm getting the boy's passports processed this weekend if the Post Office cooperates and doesn't treat me like a bloody nuisance like they do normally.

Anyway, my look forward to list for this spring & summer is the following:
  • A night out with my hubby to see Noel Gallagher on my birthday.
  • A night out with a girl friend to see Barry Manilow. Oh Mandy!
  • A big street party for the Queen's Jubilee. That's right. We are going to apply for a permit to cordon the road off and party like only a bunch of ex-pats can. Bring on the Pims and the pasties!
  • A big road trip with Craig's mum, dad and nephew Luke to Nashville (Opry and showboat) and Memphis (Sun Studios, Gracelands and Peabody Hotel), Asheville in North Carolina (Table Rock Mountain and The Biltmore Estate), and Beckley West Virginia (white-water rafting for Craig & Luke. I will potter about with the kids and Dot & Harry thank you very much. Once was enough).
It all sounds great doesn't it. I am especially happy to start planning the road trip because I loooove road trips. The open road, seeing America and having little adventures. There will be seven of us in the minivan and whenever I think of our trip I conjure up images of Little Miss Sunshine and the crazy way they had of starting their VW van. I'm also looking forward to Jack & Danny having some family here to pester, err I mean play with.

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