Whales & Bacon

Danny loves this whale ride. He wouldn't let other kids on it and when I made him get off so we could go home he cried bloody murder for 20 minutes in the car "I want to get back on the whaaaaaale!" It was like water torture. I was a bit embarrassed that he wouldn't get off it because there was a little boy hovering and his mum kept saying loudly "it'll be your turn soon" and I'm thinking go and find something else to do lady because the ear-ache I'll get from Danny is much worse than me feeling a tad guilty about your boy. Terrible aren't I. I have turned into the parent that ignores the take-your-turn rule. At least I wasn't the parent that dressed my 4-year old girl in low-rise jeans so all her underwear was on show.

Cody is doing GREAT today. The antibiotics have completely got rid of his bad breath which keeps amazing me. I kept kissing him last night and exclaiming "It's a miracle! No smell!" until Craig just took to blatantly ignoring me. And the other medicine (Predisone?) has got rid of the swelling around his neck and he's eating and playing like normal. I'm so glad that he's a happy boy right now. I am still crying at the drop of a hat but I'm able to talk about it now at least without completely losing it. It's amazing how empathetic fellow pet owners can be and how much they truly understand what you are going through. That has really helped me. Someone who does not have pets suggested we give Cody a big "send off" which I know was well-meaning but I'm not going to celebrate his death any more than I would one of my kids. I'm far too sad for anything like that.

Well it's weekend and we got lots planned, including soccer and a trip to a craft fair to see my friend who is a really talented carpenter and he's made me a wood chopping board with a block-O on it (that's the symbol of Ohio State. I'm a huge Buckeye fan). And of course lots of Cody's favourite things - walks in the park stream, ice cream, and bacon. That boy would walk a million miles for bacon (but then who wouldn't?)


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