Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wishing on a Star

Tonight before the boy's bedtime we took them outside to see Venus & Jupiter, which are so prominent this month in the western sky. By sheer luck, as soon as we stepped outside, a huge shooting star went right over our house. I was a bit scared actually and said "What was that!" thinking it might be a meteor. I'm a numpty sometimes.

I told Jack to make a wish on the shooting star. He looked sad and said but it never comes true or it takes too long. When I asked him what he meant he said remember the wishbone wish I made ages ago? I said yes. He said well it never came true. I said why don't you tell me what it was and I might be able to help (thinking I might get a good hint for his birthday or something). He said I wished for a big ball that you hang and it spins and you dance under it. Bless.

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