Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Dad

My dad rang tonight with some not-great news about his health. I don't want to say bad as he reads this blog and is probably upset enough. He is okay, not in hospital or anything, but he's been diagnosed with something that needs monitoring. I wish I was in England right now so I could go over for a brew and see him more regularly but of course I am not. We talked a bit about what a great life we have in America (no doubt) and I said something about "things" not really mattering and family coming first of course, but I guess things do matter because without them we can't eat or have protection or health care or transport. So while I yearn to be in England for my family & friends (especially my dad right now), the fact is that we have a better life here. I'm sure that's a sad fact of life that most expats live with. Loving the life, but missing the family.

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