Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hurrah Henrys

Yesterday Jack threw up at school and I had to go and get him. He told me that it happened during a video in his class about "boiled eagles", bless him. When I picked him up he was wearing clothes that the school nurse had put him in, 3 sizes too big and far too scruffy-looking so we scurried home and I got him changed quick. He had another throwing-up episode later on too but today he's fine. 24-hour bug hopefully.

As I type this, Craig's watching his telly program about Big Foot sightings in the Midwest. He's even convinced Jack that these things exist and not long ago Jack told a friend of ours at the park that he lives in our neighbourhood. I'm half-watching it if only for the presenter wearing a baseball hat that says "Gone Squatching". I'm going to bed soon because I put all the clocks forward a couple of hours ago and it's freaked me out and made me feel like I should be in bed already.

After a very quick and painless visit to the post office this morning, I have now got mine, Jack's & Danny's passports sent off. Next task is booking the flights to England. I cannot wait to see my family and friends and show my lads where we are from. I'm so proud of England and I want my boys to feel the same.

Tomorrow we have a hike planned and it's going to be a gorgeous sunny day. It's going to be one of those days where I want to spend all day outside in my garden lounging on a chair, a bit like these two hurrah Henrys.

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