Ben & Not the End

Please forget everything I said about Ben bringing joy, since he has brought nothing but grief in the last 10 hours. He chewed Daniel's very cool and trendy Adidas trainers, pooped in the basement and dismantled my slippers. Little bugger.

I'm so glad today is done. I've been outside for most of it, teaching in 90 degree, humid weather while I sweated like only an English woman in Ohio can. After tonight though I'll be full on busy with not a minute to spare until Sunday. More school events to help with.

Talking of school I'm going to have a tiny niggle about it. If any of you reading this are teachers please don't take offense and put me on a hit list but I have to say this.  For the past two weeks, Jack's school has been acting as if it's the end of the school year, when in fact they have a month left to go. When they started the whole count-down thing they had 8 weeks to go! There are daily count-down numbers on the school's office door and Jack told me they can't get any more books from the school library since it's the end. It isn't the end. There's a month to go.  And once we have ridden this last month of winding down and what feels like not starting anything new (why bother, it's the end!) it must be nice to have two whole months off work. I teach and I don't get 2 months off work in the summer. Well, like I said, I'll probably end up on a teacher's hit list for saying it but I'm just getting a bit irritated of the whole "woo-hoo it's the end!" thing.


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