No Scouts for us

I just had a go at teachers (see below) and now I'm after the scouts. All I can say it's that it's been a hard day and I'm in a foul mood & maybe I'll be a bit more like Julie Andrews tomorrow.


When I was a kid in England I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide and I loved it. Craig was a Venture Scout and he also loved the whole thing - camping, hiking, orienteering and building fires without matches. Those kinds of cool, adventurous things. I had similar aspirations for my kids and have already been in contact with local cub scout leaders to get Jack signed up this year.  Then the news this week about a scout troop that told a gay mum that she had to leave got me very upset so I did a bit more investigation into the whole thing.  Turns out the scout oath prohibits anyone from joining who is atheist, agnostic or gay. Huh. Glad I know that. My kids will not be joining the scouts anytime soon. I feel really sad about this. I thought the scouts and guides were all about helping people, doing good and helping our kids become good citizens, not bigots.


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