A Day at the Madhouse

That was a day for the record I can tell you!
 I took the boys to t-ball practice this morning at 8am (that's never going to become routine for me) and didn't sit my arse down till 10pm! T-ball was fun and I got to see my friend for a chin-wag but then I had to race back and get Craig as Jack had his last soccer game of the season at 9.30am.
Thumbs up - just scored a goal!
He scored a goal and saved a goal! I was so  proud of him and I can't believe how much better he is at soccer,  even than last fall. We are sad to say goodbye to his lovely and cool coach Andy but I'm excited for the fall soccer season because we have signed him up with his friends from school on the same team.

After soccer we ran over to get our car cleaned by the kids of a friend who were raising money for their baseball team, THEN  I took Jack to a clinic because he had been up the night before with ear-ache. I thought the Doc would say a mild ear infection but no, he has strep throat again, a horrid ear infection and then he got a fever.  He was crying at the clinic and just terrified when she put the drops in his ears to numb the pain. They've given him stronger medicine than standard antibiotics this time and I got a telling off for not going to see my doctor because I think I have strep too but haven't been to a doctor (no time - like all mums!). As soon as she told me that strep can get into your heart and destroy valves I made a mental note to call my doctors at 8am on Monday!

After the clinic I had to go to a supermarket pharmacy to get the medicine. Let me set the scene. I have a distraught child sat in my shopping trolley, wearing a medical wrist band and with cotton wool balls in his ears. He is so exhausted at this point he is leaning his head against the cart bars and he has bloodshot eyes. I am exhausted too and dying for the loo. And the lady in front of me was trying to have an in-depth conversation with the pharmacist about all her her ailments. After 10 minutes I wanted to whack her over the head with a bread stick.  Another assistant at the counter saw my face and called me over to pick up the medicine and pay. I think she could read my mind and was worried my head might explode. The annoying lady continued to prattle on long after I'd left I'm sure.  Craig is more charitable than I am and suggested she might not get to talk to many people in life. I'm still not against giving her the bread stick treatment if I see her in the supermarket anytime soon.

When we got home Jack laid on the couch and looked dreadful so I took his temp again and he had a 101 fever. At this point I checked in on Danny who was having a nap and OH MY GOD he had made a mess. He had stuck his hands down in there and smeared the contents all over the cream carpet and bedroom furniture. At this point I nearly cried. So while I had a poorly child on the couch I spent 30 minutes hand-scrubbing poo out of carpet and bleaching  & bisseling the room. It was awful. Craig at the same time had him in the bath scrubbing his nails (why oh why can't you buy nail brushes in the USA? Doesn't anyone have dirty fingernails? Every bathroom in England has a nailbrush in it). I am still in shock that he did it. I thought he was way beyond doing stuff like that now. *sigh*

It's a good job he's cute

So there you are. What a bonkers day. Craig was a trooper and went out to get dinner and a nailbrush. And he put the boys to bed and helped put drops in Jack's ear which was a traumatic experience again. I am now officially drop-dead tired and after a little mummy juice will be going to bed.  The good news is that Ben didn't do anything crazy today, other than jump the fence and chase strangers, dig a hole in the garden and chew the cat's toys.


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