Sadistic Weekend Practices

Well I'm glad that week's over.  It's Mothers Day weekend & the weather forecast looks fab, so it should be a good one. We have lots planned as usual!

Bonky Ben continues to make life interesting, including his newest hobby - digging holes in the garden. Not in the flower beds but in my turf.  What a nightmare. An interesting pet dynamic has surfaced though.  Our cat Tutz has always tried to be best friends with Cody but he completely ignores her. But now, if Ben tries to chase her or even goes near her, Cody snarls at him and protects her and Ben will run off. It's very sweet of Cody and I love him all the more for it. He's doing okay but did a weird thing tonight at the park where he kept trying to wee and couldn't and then kept trying to sit down. He's still eating and drinking like a champ though and not showing signs of distress so we'll just keep going.

My garden is also coming along great guns. At a plant sale today I picked up an Umbrella Magnolia  (native to Ohio) and some funky annuals, including black Petunias. Once I get it all planted I'll post some pictures.

Right then, time to unwind before bed because I have an early start tomorrow.  Jack's first t-ball (kiddie baseball) practice is at 8am. EIGHT AM!  I'd like to know which sadist thought that was a dandy idea so that I could poke them in the eye.


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