Craig & Buster

Craig and I had a date night tonight and went to a boxing match. It was awesome, as we say in the USA, (notice that I said "we" and not "they".  I think after 13 years of living here that its time to be a "we"). Anyway, we got to chat with loads of people who also didn't know too much (we love boxing but this was our first live match) and we laughed, we got a bit tipsy and we cheered for all our Columbus fighters.  The big fight of the night was a featherweight title fight that the lad from Ohio won- woo hoo!

Just before the title fight they brought Buster Douglas into the ring and then he went and sat at the other side of the arena. I know that my husband Craig would LOVE to meet him  and  I could see where he was sat so I grabbed Craig by the arm and we ran around the stadium to his seat and met him.  Seize the moment right!

So here's my hubby with one of his idols. He's convinced that he could take him on,  based on his fist size and he says his forearm is much larger.

A 40-sec video of Buster knocking out Tyson. The stuff of legends!!!


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