Date Night & The Avengers

It's been another bonkers crazy weekend in our house. Friday night & Saturday morning we had a big event at Jack's school and then he had a soccer game (he scored two goals! woo hoo!) and we signed him up for another year of soccer starting this fall. Saturday night we got a babysitter and went to an event held by a local public school support group then we went out for dinner and to a local pub. I am loving the date nights with Craig. It's been way too long in coming and it's making us reconnect and feel good about us again, rather than stressed out and not talking about anything other than kids. It is worth every penny we pay on babysitters.

Today I got up at ELEVEN a.m. (I love my husband) then did house & yard work. I also took Jack to see The Avengers which was a great film. We both loved it. It was scary and exciting and funny and a little sad, so had all the right ingredients.  At one point Jack was sat on my knee when Hulk was being really loud and we both jumped about a foot.  Talking of loud, the lady next to me didn't shut her trap through the whole thing. If she wasn't talking she was laughing really loud and just annoying as hell. She asked me if I was from Australia or New Zealand and when I said England she looked a little p'd off that she'd got it wrong.

Also today we got the pool out for the first time and I captured a little video...

Well we have a jam-packed week lined up, which consists of the following in addition to normal jobs:
  • Dressing Jack up in fancy dress each day for school (it's "decades of music" week)
  • Finishing up Jack's magician's costume and practicing his tricks prior to the auditions on Tuesday
  • Labelling 100 plants and giving them to staff at Jack's school (staff appreciation week) 
  • Helping cook breakfast for said staff one day 
  • Taking Jack to soccer practice and a game
  • Taking Jack to swimming lessons 
  • Teaching two night classes 
  • Helping neighbours with their Internet access (Craig's forte - not mine)
  • Taking Jack to his first t-ball practice
It all sounds exhausting doesn't it. Is it Friday yet?


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