Fabulous Mothers Day

I had a great day today, starting with a lie-in and then a Craigy scrambler breakfast and lots of kisses and loving off the boys. They got me some lovely diamond and peridot earrings. I feel spoiled.

Anyway, I wanted to just do a quick post showing some pictures from the day, though I'm starting with a picture of Jack's first t-ball experience since I forgot to post one yesterday. The rest are of our walk around the Park of Roses and some shots of my garden today.

Jack's first t-ball practice (taken by Duane & Heather)

My sweet boy Danny

You'll shoot your eye out!

Danny & Jack, aka Hawkeye

My garden (east border)

Front border

Mmm, can't remember the name. Pretty though isn't it?

Front of my house

I found a rose "Queen Elizabeth" and it seems fitting for her Majesty's Jubilee year. I hope it lives!


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