Godzilla Versus Mary Poppins

The Boys
Well I made one child cry today and one child happy today (both not mine). Hopefully that cancels out, right?

The first was this morning at t-ball practice when a 6/7 yr old was throwing grass and soil in Danny's face & mouth and I ran over to them just as Danny started to really cry so I told the little bugger that it was not ok to do that and he ran and hid under a bush and cried hysterically. His mum came running over and asked him what was wrong and I thought she might come over and say something to me but she didn't.   I have rolled it around in my head a few times since and convinced myself that she would have done the same thing, had the roles been reversed.

But then today I also babysat for a friend's 4-year old boy and both he and my boys had their first sleep-over experience. They have loved it & are now asleep, so far so good (did I just jinx all 3 to wake up at 3am?)  It was an interesting dynamic to see a 3, 4 and 5 year old all together. Jack was definitely the leader and more mature and the one "in charge" and, thank God, the one you could reason with. The 4-year old was in a new house and wanted to explore.  My 3 year old, Danny, was his usual tyrannical self. It was alright, not too stressful and I feel really good about helping the mum out.

So there you are. One crying child then one happy child. I do hate that I made a child cry and feel mad at the mum for putting me in that position.


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