Getting Old & Grumpy

The older I get the more I don't want to do things.  Those emails that come in asking for help, or my opinion or just general info stuff at work gets immediately trashed. The local newspaper that gets delivered and tells me all about my community goes straight into the recycle and I avoid people and situations like the plague sometimes. Terrible isn't it.

The latest thing I don't want to do is befriend a mom from Jack's school because Jack and her son have decided that they want to be magicians together and try out for the talent show auditions next week. Under duress I am prepared to make Jack a costume and teach him a couple of tricks he can do from a stage. That alone is stressing me out. Now I have to deal with two kids and the mom?  It doesn't help that I only ever hear about this kid when he has (1) pulled Jack's band-aid off and poked him in his injury or (2) said mean things to him. That just brings out the mummy bear in me & gets my claws up.

Anyway, I have emailed said mother this evening and I'm hoping she won't respond. Maybe she's equally busy and horrified at making a new friend at the end of the school year, particularly when our kids aren't even good friends. Sometimes I wish our Jack didn't want to be every body's best friend.


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