Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jack's Kindergarten Graduation

Today was Jack's kindergarten graduation. This morning as he was sat on the loo he said "Mum, I've waited for this day all week!" then he looked serious and said "But I haven't waited all week to leave Mrs C" (his beloved teacher). And I thought oh lordy, I'm going to cry at this ceremony. Thankfully my friend's mum had tissues.

Singing & dancing before the ceremony

A little nervous

With Mrs C.

Celebrating with his best friend

Ice cream treat after
I had to go back to work after and got home at 8pm, knackered. But it was also my last class until the Autumn so it's a big day for both of us. While I was working Craig went and bought Jack an inflatable shark, then took both boys swimming and then to the local park. So he's on his chin-strap too. But what a fab day.

So there you are, let the summer fun for my boys begin! But Ohhhh we wish we could be summer stay-at-home parents.

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