A Cracking Memorial Weekend

It's been a fabulous long weekend. We didn't do anything to commemorate veterans (looking guilty) like going to a parade, but I did think about them and we did talk with the boys about what the day off is for.

What we did do is swim swim swim! God I love the fact that we are members at the local pool. My cleavage might be sun burnt to hell but I've had a cracking time there. The boys also loved it and they are already better at swimming than they were last Friday! Jack conquered the diving board and this afternoon did some kind of crazy corkscrew move when he jumped off it. Thankfully he didn't do a big belly flop (loads of kids did) as all of us parents were stood on the side of the pool cringing and hiding behind our hands.

Daniel summing up how much we all love the pool
This morning Jack made a lemonade stand and charged a quarter for a drink. I was so happy that a few people (thank you neighbours!) stopped by and bought one from him. He made about $5 that he's going to give to our local charity. He didn't do it for the money - he did it because he loves to do that kind of thing. He's a showman and he loves to chat to people.  I did exactly the same kind of things as a kid. Genetics are amazing aren't they.

Get your lemonade!


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