Today is not the day

It's been 2 months almost to the day when we found out that our dog Cody had cancer. The vet said he had about two months left to live because mouth cancer is quick and the prognosis is horrible.

But today is a VERY good day. And here is he, wagging his tail.

The last few days have not been good at all and we've been cleaning up a lot of diarrhea with blood and he's been lethargic and just fed-up. This morning as I was tickling his ears he looked at me and I thought he was telling me "okay mum, I've had enough". I texted Craig and just said "I think it's time. Please call the vet", which he did. All day I've been trying not to think about the appointment tonight but several times it got so bad I had to close my office door. What a horrible thing to have to make a decision like that when you love your dog so much.

But then Craig and I took him on a big walk down by the stream after work and he seemed to perk-up. He was drinking lots of water but biting at it, rather than licking it (his tongue has the cancer). It suddenly dawned on us that we haven't seen him drinking too much the last two days. Maybe he can't get water out of the little bowl in the kitchen because of his tongue? Anyway, by the time we got him to the vet he was wagging his tail again and looked much happier.

They tested him and he does have some pretty nasty bacteria that's making him have diarrhea so he's on meds for that and some antibiotics to kill off infection. Tonight he's like a different dog as you can see by the picture. He also has a humongous red bowl of water sat by his feet.

As I type he's laying on my foot like he always does, instead of lying on his own in another room like he's done the last few nights. I'm not prolonging my boy's life to suit me. I swear that Craig and I are doing our best by him. He's happy right now eating and enjoying sitting in the garden watching birds. He loved our walk tonight and most importantly, his tail is up & wagging. I hope I have many more months with him but my heart tells me it might be just one.

But anyway. Today turned out to be a great day after all. And thank you to Linda and Heather for being there for us and taking care of the kids while we took Cody to the vet. It meant a lot.


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