Black Friday & More Lurgi

Craig sporting his Movember tash
I've got to get a new alarm clock. It has one setting and one volume - shock and awe. When it went off at 4.30am me, Craig, Coco and Ben all levitated off the bed about a foot like something out of the exorcist. It's like waking up to someone banging cymbals on your head. Craig muttered something about change that f'ing clock and went back to sleep.

By 5am I was in line at a store called Menards for the Black Friday sale. I can't say too much about what I bought as a lot were presents for other people, but I did get some cracking bargains. I bet I got about $250 worth of pressies for $100. I did not venture to Walmart though as that place is crazy on Black Friday. One of the best things I got was a weather radio that has a rechargeable battery and also a dynamo handle. It has the weather radio system, FM and AM, a flashlight and a charger for your phone. Craig was impressed that he could use the dynamo to charge his iPhone. It's a nice little gadget and it only cost $11.99!

When I got home I was wide awake so stayed up and made breakfast and mooched about. Both boys woke up with fevers and vomited (yellow bile) and they've been lethargic and feverish all day. Both of them napped and vomited again when they woke. up. It's horrible to see how bad they feel. And their babysitter Linda and her family have it now too.  UGH. I'm seriously considering taking them to an outpatient place tomorrow if they aren't better. Jack's had it now for a week!

Tonight I am trying to have a lazy night of telly and lazing on the couch but I also got Mario Cart for Jack and he's asking "Can we play?" every 30 seconds. It's like water torture. I'm exhausted too - I used to go 24 hours of work & partying and still feel fresh, now I get up at 4.30am for one day and I feel like I've run a marathon!


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