Lights! And a hunting he will go.

We got the tree up! So much for waiting for Craig's birthday to be over. I feel so ready for Christmas this year that I can barely contain myself. I think having two kids under 6 that totally get in to it makes the difference. As I drove to the shops tonight Jack sang the whole Rudolph song, word for word. I wish I could have taped him.

My Christmas list is getting smaller but blimey it's a long one this year. Lots of new kiddos this year joined our family, including Dennon and Isla and Summer. Three little girls I dearly wish I could meet. Alfie is due any day now too. I'm waiting on Alfie's arrival so that I can finish the family calendar and get it sent off to Shutterfly to be printed.

On to a new topic - a couple of days ago I posted about a guy that Craig was going to take hunting who wasn't very outdoorsy (his missus gave Danny an energy drink etc.). Well he was supposed to meet Craig tonight at 5pm to go to the firing range before they hunt in the morning. He still hadn't shown up at 6.30pm so Craig called him and he's said "yeah, just getting home. Be over as soon as I can." Craig told him not to bother as the range would be shut by the time they got there. Craig had all his guns cleaned and ready and I'm hopping mad that the guy blew him off like that. He asked how far he might have to walk when they hunt (he's a big guy) and when Craig said about a mile, half a mile maybe, he said he'd climbed one flight of stairs at work today so wasn't sure he could make it. That's fine of course if he wants to pull out. Craig texted him and told him to please cancel if he doesn't want to do it tomorrow but he replied and said he's still on. If he stands Craig up at 6am then I will be doubly mad because Craig's taken a day off work for him.  I also wonder what on earth was going through his head when he decided he wanted to hunt?  It requires hiking in woods in the pitch black and maybe climbing trees. If you kill a deer you have to field dress it (cut it end to end and take all it's innards out) and carry it back to your truck. And he can't climb a flight of stairs? I feel half bad for Craig but also half looking forward to the stories he'll tell me when he gets back!


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