One thing at a time

Today was a bit of a wash-out as it rained constantly. It was 67 degrees F this morning and 37 degrees by tea time ! Looks like winter is here perhaps.

My blue-eyed boy
 We spent a big chunk of the day playing with Danny and I think he loved it, being in the limelight.

For his birthday next January we are going to take him to Disney World. I'm down in Florida for a conference so it seems like a good time to tag on an extra few days on and have the boys fly down to meet me. We are in the planning phase right now and let me tell you, it's complicated! So many parks and ticket options and fast-pass tips and trying to work out how to eat without paying an arm and a leg for a butty.  We are definitely going to do Magic Kingdom and maybe Epcot as they seem the most young kid-friendly. And I have to confess that I really want to see the Magic Kingdom too (who doesn't?)  More on that later though because before then we have Thanksgiving, Craig's birthday and Christmas!

We have a rule in our house that we do not mention or get into the Christmas groove until after Craig's birthday on the 2nd December. That way we make a big fuss of him and him alone. But I've secretly been playing Christmas music in the car for the last two days. I just can't help myself.


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