The Election Colours

Today's picture is about colours so I thought this would be rather apt, seeing as we'll know who the President is this time next week. It hasn't escaped my notice that this election map was garnished from George Bush's evil puppeteer Karl Rove but it's a fairly accurate map I think.

When you see so much red you think "how on earth could Obama (blue) win?" but then you see how many electoral votes those blue states have (Ohio has 18, California has 55 etc. ) and that's what counts.

The yellow states are"swing" states which means a lot of people do not have official party affiliation and consider themselves independent voters. That's why we have been courted by both candidates relentlessly for the last 6 months. I read today that Ohio has on average 300 commercials each day. Couple that with tv appearances, radio debates and signs in people's yards and I can safely say that everyone I know in Ohio is sick of it. I personally cannot wait for it to be over! A friend went to Boston for the weekend recently and she said there was no mention of the election at all - because it's a strong Obama state. That would be so nice.

I'll have to watch the proceedings of course, even though I can't vote. As a working class taxpayer and a woman and a believer in civil rights there's no guessing who I'm  rooting for. The alternative sends shivers down my spine. Not just because I don't believe in him, but because most of his supporters are crazy bigots. Seriously - if you don't believe me go on You Tube and watch people being interviewed at his rallies.

So what do I like about Obama? Well I think he's genuine, the real deal. I think when he went to New Jersey this week and met with the people devastated by Sandy he had genuine empathy. That's in stark contrast to Romney who labelled the poor, sick, elderly, veteran and student masses as "victims".  I like that he's worked hard to make changes in the health care sector (and God knows it needs reform) and tried to help the auto industry get back on it's feet. He's come out strongly in favor of gay rights, immigration change and women's reproductive rights and equal pay. He has plans  to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and he's going to close Guantanamo's torture camp.  He's trying to improve education and he believes in protecting the environment and investing in science. I can go on and on.

Why has he not accomplished "more" the opposition asks?  Well he inherited a cluster f*** in 2008 for starters and he's having to battle with an opposing political party that try and shut down every single plan he has. They'd rather spend their energy fighting him than fighting for us.

That's my opinion on the subject. I hope he wins, but I won't post any more political diatribe I promise. It's just very hard not to be wrapped up in this when you live in a swing state.


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