Renewed Faith In Schools

Yesterday was a day that renewed my faith in my boy's schools and level of education.

First of all we had a fantastic conference with Danny's 2 teachers. He's excelling in everything with nothing to worry about, no challenges academically or socially. He's helping and sharing and making friends. It was like night and day compared to last year's nightmare conference where had discussions about things like having to drag him out from under the table and prevent major eruptions. It's amazing how much confidence he's gained by going back to the same teachers and being a little bit older. The only thing we said to keep an eye on was his fear of new things (substitute teachers, a new routine in the classroom etc.) but that's not something I'm too concerned with. As his confidence builds he'll get over that. So we had a great time there and I'm so happy for my little lad.

Then last night Jack brought home a letter from his new "helper". He goes to a reading teacher for 30 minutes each day to help him with the "reading comprehension" that's he's struggling with. She will send home a book each night that he has to read to us then he has a little task (fill in the blanks or draw a picture about the story etc.). She gave us easy guidelines about how to help (thankfully, because I was stumped) and he seemed to enjoy it. What a marvelous thing - that our boy has been helped so quickly in the school year. And it really helped that a friend told me that her daughter was struggling with the same thing, because her daughter is incredibly bright. I'm not saying I'm glad that she's having the same issue - just saying that it's comforting to know that Jack's not alone. If that makes sense.

Then I was also reflecting on the PTA meeting I went to the night before. We talked about all the families and kids at our school that are struggling financially right now (more than 60% of the kids are on assisted lunches for example) and we came up with plans to send gift cards home and start a pantry and send food home for the weekends. It makes me  feel so proud of the school that we take care of each other.

Blimey aren't I sentimental today. Maybe I should turn my car radio over to Christmas music after all. Joking!! I vow not to do that until after Craig's birthday on the 2nd December.


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