Boys & Mr.Bond

I took today off to hang out with Danny. I had visions of us playing all day and skipping through the park holding hands but at least half the day was spent doing housework and shopping while he played on my phone. We did get to the library and the park playground though. He's such a good egg he really is. At one point he pointed to his bare chest and said "humans keep their hearts in their chest mommy". I was taken-aback and asked where he had heard such wisdom. He said "Pingu".

Another bump on the head. Ouch!
Jack gives an impromptu rendition of "Thriller"  on the picnic table. 
Tonight we got a babysitter and went to see the new Bond film "Skyfall". It was brilliant! A mixture of old and new and of course Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. Sorry Mr. Connery.


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