Poorly Boy

Poorly Boy
Jack was off sick today. Craig stayed with him most of the day then I took him to the doctors. No pneumonia. Phew. Turns out it's a nasty cold but it's all on his chest so he sounds terrible. When he coughs it makes me cringe.

I'm going to keep him off tomorrow too because there's a nasty tummy bug going around and he's off Wednesday to Friday anyway for Thanksgiving. I'd hate to send him tomorrow with a low immune system and him get worse for the holidays.

Danny has a cold too but nothing bad, thank goodness.  Craig said he feels like somethings coming too, so hopefully he won't get man-flu.   Fingers crossed for a healthy Thanksgiving.

To while-away some time today I helped him make this Christmas scene (thanks for the suggestion Ruby!) and we played Operation. He's a horrible cheater though and kept pushing my hand to set the buzzer off! And we tried to play Battleships but that was a nightmare. Maybe we'll attempt that again when he's 10.


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